Localization QA

In today’s competitive global market, businesses need to improve performance by scaling communication and localization technologies without draining resources. And they must do this in a way that adds value to their organization, ensuring business growth, stability and security.

Localization Quality Assurance

We provide Localization QA services to itis usually the last step in verifying that the released localized product can accurately deliver its intended function to the end user. It is performed before committing to production, duplication, or shipping costs to avoid having to remediate due to undetected errors. In the software industry, it might be called “beta testing” or “pre-release testing.” In the localization world, we call it “post-compilation QA,” “run-time QA,” “post-layout QA,” or simply “localization QA”.

If your documents or products are released with what appears to be acceptable translation but are plagued with inconsistent quality (corrupted fonts or source text; truncated strings; inaccurate sentence structure; incorrect gender, plurals, conjugation, or declensions) you have a localization QA problem on your hands, not necessarily a translation problem! Don’t fire your translators and editors; instead, revisit your localization QA process.