Digital Transformation on a Global Scale

For over 10 years, we have been addressing the content demands of global brands by offering a full spectrum of linguistic services. We bring our expertise in AI and Natural Language Processing to help machines understand, interpret and manipulate human language(s). This helps us deliver high-quality solutions faster and at lowered costs.

Our Solutions

AI Powered Language Solutions

It is clear that the next biggest shift comes with Artificial Intelligence. With a new approach to human-machine collaboration, brands are grabbing opportunities to go global in ways that were previously unimaginable, although the real challenge lies in introducing AI to your existing programs in a smart and scalable way.

AI is transforming localization.

By leveraging neural and statistical machine translation, our AI powered technology and advanced native language processing capabilities have helped shape valuable, successful products, enhancing user experience while improving text input,

intent detection & discovery.

How can we help you?

  • TTS (Computational linguistics) 
  • NLP (Engineers)
  • QA
  • Data Annotation/Labeling (Data Scientists)

Localization Quality Assurance (LQA)

At MidTech, all of our LQA testers are trained to the highest standards and are native speakers. Our multilingual experts include project managers, test leads and testers who work on a wide range of titles at any one time. We have provided our clients with more than 100,000 hours of testing in more than 50 different language.

An expansive range of LQA offerings including:

  • Localization QA testing
  • Play through on localized languages
  • General functionality and implementation testing on localized languages
  • Localization compliance testing verifying hardware manufacturer terminology and naming conventions
  • Stand-alone linguistic reviews
  • Manual and printed/online material checks

How can we help you?

LQA is an integral part of our extensive service line. From linguistic quality to contextual consistency and so much more, we are trusted to deliver.


Transcription is the conversion of a spoken message into written text. When speech is transcribed, it is easier to share, edit, index, and cross-reference. A professional transcriber carefully listens to an interview, presentation, or other audio format and accurately transcribes the dialogue into text.

Whether your business is local or global, it’s essential to engage your multilingual audience. Our transcriptionists help ensure your message is understood by your multilingual or international customers. Our professional transcriptionists are experienced and well versed in their languages of expertise.

We provide all kinds of Transcription Services

Video Audio Other
Do you have video footage that you want professionally transcribed? Do you need audio files profressionally transcribed and translated? Medical, legal, business, and more; we can do it all.

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Our Model


We provide tailor made translation solutions.


We source linguists from 50+ languages including Spanish, Hebrew & Sinhala.


Different models for different clients.


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